As a leading-edge marketing agency, we believe that artificial intelligence is the next step to improving the performance we can achieve. Our goal for 2020 was to create and integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning into our agency processes to improve the efficiency and results that we get, as much as possible.

So what exactly did we do? And how has it worked so far?

Well, let's dive into the specifics and see what we've achieved over the course of this year, in terms of integrating artificial intelligence.

What A.I have we integrated?

Thus far we've integrated several machine learning algorithms and an assortment of various A.I. This includes:

  • A Chatbot (For talking to potential customers)
  • Machine Learning Model (To improve our on-site SEO Auditing)
  • Machine Learning Model (To improve outreach and backlink creation)

The Chat-bot is pretty straightforward and easy to understand (seeing as you can check it out on our homepage), so let's dive into detail about the machine learning models we've implemented.

Our main goal of implementing machine learning, was to make our process for identifying areas improvement more efficient. The main process for this, before we implemented this model, was to use tools like SemRush, Ahrfes, and Moz in combination with an Auditor manually checking the website. This did a pretty good job and is the standard for most agencies. But, we wanted to push this process to be MORE efficient and provide much better results, in term helping our customers achieve much better success over the others using this standard process.

That's where our initial model came into play. By overlaying the machine learning algorithm in combination with SemRush, Ahrefs, and Moz we were able to see a lot more areas of improvement that the tools or audit missed. Some of these we're un-intuitive at first glance, but proved to be really good ranking factors when implemented.

Overall, it was a great success, and we continued to implement these custom models for more of our processes, seeing definite improvements.

How has this helped our customers?

Let's be real, it's all fine and dandy from a technical aspect, but how has this impacted our customers?

We've seen dramatic improvements in on-site SEO auditing, finding new and great ranking factors that have usually been overlooked by the standard process. These ranking factors have definitely helped our customers edge out the competition and rank above the rest.

On the outreach side, we've improved our backlink acquisition process, therefore, lowering the price required for each link. This helps us integrate more links into current customer budgets, and overall improving domain authority and rankings.

When it comes down to it, 2020 has been a great success. With the rise of popularity in Artificial Intelligence and our implementation of such into our agency processes, we've seen tremendous success.

As this field grows, we hope to adapt and integrate more of these advanced technologies to further improve our process to help our customers dominate the competition.